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New Gods: Yang Jian (2022) - IMDb Rating 6.5 ★

Get ready to be immersed in the world of Chinese mythology and adventure with the upcoming New Gods: Yang Jian 2022 [CHINESE] movie. Learn more about the story, characters, and production in this article.


Chinese mythology is the source of innumerable tales and traditions, from the ferocious dragons to the wise immortals. One such legend is that of Yang Jian, a great divinity who will one day become the offspring of a god and a human woman. And now, the new Chinese film New Gods: Yang Jian 2022 is bringing this mythology to life.

A movie called New Gods: Yang Jian 2022 [CHINESE] is eagerly awaited since it promises to take viewers on an epic journey through the world of Chinese mythology. The film is being made by a group of great directors and stars a talented ensemble. We will explore the plot, characters, and production of this intriguing new film in more detail in this post.


A young man named Yang Jian is born to a mortal mother and a god father in the Chinese novel New Gods: Yang Jian 2022. He develops into a competent warrior and receives a mystical spear with three points from his mother. Yang Jian's destiny is to grow into a strong god and defend the planet from bad entities.

The action of the narrative takes place in a universe in which gods and humans cohabit and the distribution of power is dynamic. In order to achieve his destiny, Yang Jian must negotiate the perilous world of gods and demons while being caught in the thick of this power war.

Yang Jian runs into a number of people throughout the course of the narrative, both good and bad, who either aid or obstruct him in his mission. He encounters the strong and beautiful Nine-Tailed Fox, who joins his cause and supports him in conflict. He also battles Bull Demon King, a strong demon king that seeks to rule the world and wipe out the gods.

The narrative in New Gods: Yang Jian 2022 [CHINESE] is rife with magic, mythology, and adventure. It transports the audience to a voyage through a fascinating universe filled with colorful characters and beasts.


The epic adventure New Gods: Yang Jian 2022 [CHINESE] promises to be an excursion through the world of Chinese mythology. This film is certain to be a smash with aficionados of fantasy and mythology because to its impressive cast, immersive production, and compelling story.

The film is a monument to the rich history and tradition of China, and it will undoubtedly encourage the next wave of writers and directors. Prepare to enter a magical realm filled with gods, demons, and magic with New Gods: Yang Jian [CHINESE] 2022.

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