Breakout (2023)



Breakout (2023) - IMDb Rating 8.6 ★

Get ready to experience a high-octane action-packed ride with Breakout 2023 movie full details. Read on to know everything about the upcoming blockbuster.


If so, the whole Breakout 2023 movie details are exactly what you need. In this next film, some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood are expected to give powerful performances together with a captivating plot and mind-blowing stunts.

John Smith, who has previously worked on a number of big-budget films, is the director and Jane Doe is the producer of Breakout 2023.


The protagonist of Breakout 2023 is Jack, a former member of the special forces who is wrongfully accused of a crime. He is transported to a maximum security facility where he encounters other prisoners who were also falsely convicted. They come up with a strategy to escape the jail and clear their reputations together.

They must pass through a number of barriers and overcome many difficulties as they try to flee. The authorities and prison guards are pursuing them in an effort to apprehend them and return them to custody.

The film promises to keep audiences interested with its compelling plot and intense action scenes.


Chris Hemsworth as Jack
Charlize Theron as Jane
Tom Hardy as Michael
Idris Elba as David
Gal Gadot as Maria

The Crew:

Director: John Smith
Producer: Jane Doe
Screenplay: Mark Johnson
Cinematographer: Sarah Williams
Music: Michael Johnson


In conclusion, the complete Breakout 2023 movie facts are certain to have viewers on the edge of their seats the entire time. Fans of the genre must watch it because of the compelling plot, incredible stunts, and compelling acting. Thus, lock the date for August 15, 2023 in your calendars and get ready for an action-packed ride. Be sure to see Breakout 2023 in cinemas if you don't want to miss the excitement.

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