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Annihilation (2018) - IMDb Rating 6.8 ★

Learn everything there is to know about Alex Garland's 2018 science fiction psychological horror thriller Annihilation, which is based on Jeff VanderMeer's eponymous book. Discover the cast, reviews for the film.


The mysteries of nature and the unknowable are investigated in the acclaimed science fiction psychological horror film Annihilation from 2018. The 2014 novel with the same title by Jeff VanderMeer served as the inspiration for the screenplay and direction by Alex Garland.


Natalie Portman plays the role of Lena in the science fiction film Annihilation. In addition to Gina Rodriguez playing Anya Thorensen, a paramedic, Jennifer Jason Leigh portrays Dr. Ventress, the expedition's leader. As Josie Radek and Cass Sheppard, respectively, Tessa Thompson and Tuva Novotny are cast. As Lena's husband Kane, Oscar Isaac plays the part.


On the American south coast, a lighthouse is struck by a meteor as the film opens. The U.S. government shuts off the area as the impact forms a shimmering wall that quickly expands. The only member of the military team that investigates the shimmering region to return is Kane, Lena's husband. He begins to convulse and is really ill, so Lena transports him to the hospital. But, a military team catches them on the way and transports them to a hidden facility.

Lena finds out that only her husband has ever returned from an adventure into the shimmering region. To learn more, Lena chooses to go on the upcoming excursion.

 Lena, Dr. Ventress, Anya Thorensen, Josie Radek, and Cass Sheppard make up the expedition.

As soon as the crew enters the shimmering region, they begin to run into odd and terrifying creatures. Lena learns that the shimmering region is a presence from another planet that is affecting the ecosystem and its inhabitants.


Annihilation has an IMDb rating of 6.8/10, based on 335k votes. The movie received generally positive reviews from critics, with an approval rating of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 386 reviews, with an average rating of 7.9/10.

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